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2021 January

A meeting of Dunholme Parish Council took place on Monday 4th January 2021, remotely via zoom.


Cllrs A Pache (Chair), Miss C Keetley, Mrs S Keetley, Mrs C Pelcot, I Newton and N Rodgers



Mrs L Richardson


Also present:      1 member of the public



Chairmans remarks

Welcome to 2021 – things do not look to be changing anytime soon and so we shall carry on remote meetings and undertake tasks as and when allowable.

There are several hedges in the village that still require maintaining – many have been reported via fixmystreet.



To receive apologies and reasons for absence

None received



Disclosure of pecuniary interests

None made



Notes of the meeting held on 7th December 2020 to be approved and signed as minutes

Proposed Cllr Newton, seconded Cllr Rodgers and agreed by all to sign the notes of the last meeting as a true record of events.



Clerks updates – for information only

All items included on the agenda



Accounts and Finance

a) To agree the final budget for 2021-22 and complete the necessary final precept demand form for submission to WLDC

Proposed Cllr Mrs Pelcot, seconded Cllr Rodgers and agreed by all to request a final precept request of £44,871.  The paperwork shall be completed and submitted to WLDC


b) To receive an update regarding the Parish Councils bank accounts

  • The Santander bond account has been shut with the balance transferred into the HSBC current account.
  • The savings account linked to the Bond shall be closed shortly.
  • Santander have given the Parish Council £50 compensation for the issues encountered in closing the bond account.
  • When able to, the new account at Lloyds shall be opened.

c) To approve the accounts for payment

Proposed Cllr Newton, seconded Cllr Mrs Pelcot and agreed by all to make the following payments:-

Supplier                                Details                                                  Gross                    VAT                        Net

TalkTalk Business                    Broadband Costs                                   26.34                    4.39                     21.95

Eon                                      Electricity Costs                                      9.08                    0.43                       8.65

Glendale                                Grass Cutting                                      729.60                 121.60                   608.00

Mrs Laura Richardson              Clerks salary and expenses                      616.31                    0.00                   616.31

Mrs B Edwards                       Litterpicker Salary                                  322.40                   0.00                   322.40

Viking Direct                         Stationery                                            145.99                   25.00                     120.99

Welton Parish Council             Play area inspections                               60.00                     0.00                       60.00

PKF Littlejohn LLP                  External annual audit                             360.00                   60.00                     300.00



Parish Council Buildings and Asset

a) To receive an update regarding the DDIBC and village hall roof

Pointing work is due to take place imminently.


b) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the CCTV around the DDIBC and village hall

There are several issues that need attention – DDIBC are writing a report to let us know of what issues need to be solved. Once received, this will be sent to GBSG for the necessary work to be undertaken.


c) To receive an update regarding the Lincoln Tennis Academy hire fees and take any necessary action

The Clerk will continue to chase outstanding monies.




a) To discuss and submit and comments regarding the following planning application:-

140156 – The Old School, 8 Market Rasen Road - Planning application for extension and alterations to existing community centre, including the removal of the portable timber frame building and construction of proposed community room with toilets, offices and staff facilities – to discuss and submit any comments to WLDC – Proposed Cllr Pache, seconded Cllr Newton an agreed by all that comments similar to previous objections shall be submited.  The Clerk and Cllr Pache shall put together a response.




a) To discuss receive an update regarding the annual Christmas event

All 3 events that were organised were a great success.

The real tree disposal service will take place on Saturday 9th January.


b) To review and agree the following Council policies and procedures:-

Proposed Cllr Rodgers, seconded Cllr Newton and agreed by all to accept the following policies and procedures, following review:-

  • Grants and Donations policy
  • Publication Scheme
  • Complaints Procedure



Village Maintenance

a) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the cleaning of the war memorial

The Clerk will look into quotes and any funding available for the cleaning of the war memorial.


b) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding overgrown hedges in the village

Overgrown hedges will be reported via fixmystreet.


c) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding improvements and maintenance required to the village play areas, including the installation of new fencing at the Wentworth Drive play area.

Proposed Cllr Mrs Pelcot, seconded Cllr Rodgers and agreed by all delegate the approval of new fencing for the Kennington Close play area fencing to Cllrs Pache and Mrs Pelcot.  A budget of £15,ooo was proposed as this is the amount of money earmarked for this project. 

New play area signs are required to include no dog on the play area and social distancing etc must be adhered to at all times.


d) To discuss and take any necessary action regarding village maintenance needed around the village

  • Sponsors for village planters – The Clerk will advertise for sponsors of the village planters.
  • Water spring – A futher report will be requested following the last inspection report that was never received.
  • Buy more speed signs from LRSP for 30mph speed restrictions.



Date of next meeting

Monday 1st February 2021, to be held via zoom.

It was requested that agendas and minutes were sent out a week before future meetings.

The Clerk will send out a list of 2021-22 meeting dates.


Lockdown Notes

During the meeting, a further National lockdown was announced:-

The Clerk will check the restrictions in place and take any necessary action.

The Parish Council are happy to carry on working alongside Welton Parish Council in respect of the Community help



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