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2022 December

A meeting of Dunholme Parish Council will be held on Monday 3rd October 2022 at 7:30pm in the Jubilee Room of the Village Hall.

At the start of the meeting there will be a 15-minute public forum, where residents can ask questions or give statements to the Council.


1. Chairman’s remarks (TP)

2. To receive applications for co option onto the Parish Council (All)

3. To receive apologies and reasons for absence (All)

4. Disclosure of pecuniary interests (All)

5. Notes of the council meeting held on 7th November 2022 to be approved and signed as minutes (All)

6. Correspondence (for information only): -

  • Letter from resident re planting in the village
  • Internal Auditor Notification
  • Legal documents re Cyden Homes Lane

7. Administration

a. To adopt the privacy police and Cookies for the village website (All)

b. To approve the review of the Grants and Donations policy (All)

c. To approve the review of the Subject Access Request policy (All)

8. Accounts and Finance

a. To receive the current financial position (All)

b. To approve the payment of accounts – (All)

Payee                                   Details                                  Gross                    VAT                       Net

Mrs L Richardson                 Clerks salary and expenses  746.71                  0.00                      746.71

Mrs B Edwards                    Litter Picker Salary               247.00                  0.00                      247.00

Light 4 fun                            Village hall lights                  854.66                  122.09                  732.57

                                             Christmas Event signs          228.17                  38.04                    190.13

Fillingham Christmas Trees  Village Christmas Tree         240.00                  40.00                    200.00

Arborez                                Tree Maintenance               132.00                  22.00                    110.00

Welton Parish Council         Speed Sign location             15.00                    0.00                      15.00


9. Parish Council Buildings and Asset

a. To receive an update regarding the development of the Village Hall complex: -

  • Update regarding the takeover of the village hall
  • Discuss and take any necessary action regarding the village hall windows

b. To receive the annual play area inspection report and take any necessary action.

c. To receive, approve and sign the paperwork for the adoption of the Cyden Homes development green area site.

d. To receive an update regarding the installation of play area equipment at the Cyden Homes development.

e. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding village electronic mapping

f. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the Indoor and Outdoor bowls club: -

  • Indoor Bowls Club – Locking Thermostat Valves
  • Outdoor Bowls Club – Replacement of the fencing and gate, trimming of the perimeter hedge.
  • Fire Alarm

10. Events:-

a. To receive an update on the 2022 Christmas events (SK)

b. To receive and update regarding monthly Community Meets (SK/CS)

11. Planning: -

a. To discuss and submit any comments regarding applications received:-

b. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding the Neighbourhood Plan Review (TP/NR/CP)

12. Village Maintenance

13. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding village maintenance needed around the village.

14. To agree the grass cutting and village maintenance contracts to send out for tender.

15. To agree the date of the next meeting

16. To agree to close the meeting to press and public

17. To receive a letter from a resident regarding planting in the village and staffing matters.

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