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2023 November



  1. Chairman’s remarks
  2. To receive apologies and reasons for absence

3. Disclosure of pecuniary interests

  1. Notes of the Council Meeting held on 2nd October 2023 to be approved and signed as minutes
  2. Accounts and Finance
  3. To agree on the draft budget for 2024-25 and submit to WLDC
  4. To agree payment for the Website domain
  5. To approve the payment of accounts

Payee                                   Details                                  Gross                     VAT                       Net

Mrs B Edwards                     Litter Picker Salary               265.72                   0.00                       265.72

Mrs L Richardson                 Clerks Salary and expenses 835.09                   0.00                       835.09

SameDay Printing                Christmas Market Posters   175.83                  29.30                    131.53

Dunholme St Chads PCC      Ukulele Band – Fete            125.00                  0.00                      125.00

Fillingham Christmas Trees  Village Christmas Tree         312.00                  52.00                    260.00

LALC                                     Training Costs                      90.00                    15.00                    75.00    

  1. Parish Council Building and Assets
    1. To receive an update on the proposed new play area on Honeyholes Lane
    2. To receive update regarding installation of weatherproof electrical sockets V/hall roof
  2. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding Christmas event, including the live advent calendar and the Christmas Market.
  3. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding internal communications
  4. Village Maintenance
  5. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding village maintenance needed around the village
  6. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding undertaking further maintenance on Kennington Close playarea near the houses rear on Beech Close
  7. To revoke resolution made under minute reference 23/10/8e
  8. To agree to increasing the deadline to return grass cutting and village maintenance tenders to 6 weeks, instead of 3.
  9. To agree to close the meeting to Press and Public
  10. To discuss and take any necessary action regarding leases held with external bodies




Signed:  L. Richardson                       

Laura Richardson                               

Clerk to the Council                           

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